AKIA System, pioneered wheel automated systems


The first wheel automated systems known in France were manufactured in the region of Toulouse by Mr Ridez between 1982 and 1992. Claude Pédarribes, creator of the AKIA System company has continued to develop this ingenious technique since 1993.

AKIA System represents today the most extensive experience in the design, manufacture and marketing of wheel-based automated systems.

The designer Claude Pédarribes

The designer


After basic and higher education in the highly regarded technical schools of the State (Arsenaux), Claude Pédarribes completed his studies in the United States at the Columbia University School of Engineering. Passionate about technology and engineering, he has dedicated his life to improving his knowledge and skills in these areas.
Also a motorsport enthusiast and talented driver in the 60s and 70s, where he won many competitions and rallies, Claude has always worked to improve the functioning of the techniques he approached always looking for simplicity and performance.

The reliability and durability of the motors manufactured by AKIA System with unmatched quality on the market today are the result of many years of thinking and in collaboration with computer technicians highly skilled in electronics.

Claude decided to put his experience and ingenuity to search for simplicity serving people with disabilities. His continuous concern for human welfare led him to create a powerful motor accessible to all, both due to its price and the simplicity of its operationt.


The company :

AKIA System is a family business located in Irun, in the Spanish Basque country, since 2001.
We decided to re-locate production and distribution in France.
Since May 2013 the AKIA France company, based in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques, took over AKIA System.



From the start, we have chosen to manufacture the parts that make up our motors for local businesses, located in the French and Spanish Pyrenees.

In constant development, AKIA System exports its motors to Europe and Africa.

Our company's main is always our customers' satisfaction.