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portail zone publique

Public area (community)
and timed, automatic closing

Exceptional quality of the automated system and special design requiring very little maintenance a big plus for use in common areas.  

We have tested them since 1995 on apartment buildings. Most of them have replaced traditional automated systems. Providing heavy-duty, fault-free, maintenance-free and very fast operation for full satisfaction of users and management companies. A safe advantage for you, for professionals and installers. We have numerous references.

These advantages have no effect on compliance with regulations to be applied according standard 98/77/EC on all devices for automatically opening doors and gates.  

Any automated system installation in public areas or facilities with timed or automatic closing must be performed by a qualified professional. A maintenance plan must be covered by a fixed-term service contract between users or their representatives and installers or other qualified professionals. This maintenance plan must provide for verifying the proper operation of safety devices at least every 6 months. All operations must be listed in the maintenance log pursuant to standard EN 12635. Users have the responsibility of maintaining and renewing the maintenance plan for the operating duration of this automated system.

All these constraints are often a deterrent for installing automatic timed closing systems in residential areas.