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ouvert plie

Mobility assistance
for people with disabilities

KIT of adaptable motorization
on all manual wheelchairs


24 V operating motors and batteries

Battery charging can performed in place or removed

Autonomy :  ± 20 km on flat surface for a 80 kg passenger

Vitesse maxi : ± 8 km/h on flat surface for a 80 kg passenger

All advantages : 

Boosts mobility and freedom of persons with disabilities.

Piloted by joystick, the armchair can move very slowly in all directions and be accurately adjusted in a determined position.  
Manual movement option remains available for the user without need for any disassembly.

Easily folds for transport in the trunk or back seat of a passenger car, avoiding the need for a special vehicle or special equipment for electric wheelchairs.
For the persons old or not adapted to a reactive behaviour, function ' reduced speed ' restricts speed and softens the reaction of order of the joystick .

To take up impassable slopes in another way, function ' free hands ' allows to block the full potency of motors in motion before, without holding the joystick, to help increase with tabular ledgers.

The kit accompanist (optionally or sold separately on kit without joystick) abolishes efforts of increase of the third person who benefits from the assistance motorized with dimmer of speed on the handlebar. Provide of a reverse, it is a significant help to cross a sidewalk or a staircase

Can be used as a walker for assisted rehabilitation with the choice of safe motorised seated movement.

Simple and fast installation without modification on most manual wheelchairs