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High-performance and efficient system

Fast and easy installation

Guaranteed 5 years


Fast, quiet and dependable with very efficient functional quality.
Traction is provided by a power unit fixed at the end of each leaf. Traction power is applied at the right place and in the right direction. Electric low-voltage motor drives a wheel fixed directly on its shaft. The set is specially jointed to absorb imperfections and differences in surface levels. Pressure of the wheel on the surface is applied by a gas spring. Pressure is adjustable. It is permanent and adapts to all structures. It provides a perfect grip. This force reacts by supporting the leaves and relieving the gate, whether stopped or moving without generating any stress. The result is smooth operation, strong support and very significant extension of the life of these automatic gates.
Mortor power is modulated as required, and always sufficient. It adapts to all situations. It is not necessary to build very light aluminium, PVC, fragile or old gates. Our system relieves them provides support. It can be screwed directly to the structure without damage.
The entire system works at low voltage. It is autonomous with its battery. Dual power source, transformer or battery operated, for power at 220 volts, back-up batteries for sliding gates and for optional solar energy. In case of power outage, be back battery provides several days of operation in normal residential use.



• Simple and fast installation without modification or complex upgrades.

• Suitable for all types of structures already in service or to be installed.

• No limit on the length of the structure (gate, pool enclosure), as long as it can be operated normally by hand.

• No weight limit of the structure as long as it can be operated normally by hand.

• Works well on ski lift gates: motor power and excellent wheel grip to the surface.

• No limitation of leaf opening angle (up to 180° and 270° if the gate allows it)

• Works great on all swing gates that are too heavy or too large for arm or cylinder operated systems.

• For sliding gates, no need to install or deal with racks.

• Ideal for very small structures (aluminium, PVC). Total absence of constraints and very easy installation: direct screwing on the structure without damage.

• Works on gates opening outwards.

• Recommended for structures exposed to the wind.

• Fits all full opening swing gates against a wall.

• Kit comes with motor connection cable and detailed installation instructions.

• Specific kits for community use, industrial applications and all time or automatic closures.


• Very flexible operation : traction by rubber tyre.

• Speed: 5 to 8 seconds per 90° opening section for gates from 3 to 4 meters.

• Fully quiet operation.

• Remote Performance: from 30 to 50 m depending on the environment.

• Provides constant support for your gate and its attachments.

• Integrated electromechanical locking.

• Multifunction remote: gates, garages, lighting,...

• Heavy duty use in private, public or industrial zones.

•Battery power lasts several days.


• Uniqueness, simplicity and ingenuity making it a powerful and durable product.

• Any mechanical stress is eliminated.

• Commercially available and high quality standard motor and components.

• Simple and efficient electronics in sealed box.

• Moisture resistant external components: joints, axle lock, and stainless steel hardware, thermo-galvanised steel frame.



• Highly sensitive to potential obstacles (children, animals, etc.)

• No need for 220 V on your gate: full low-voltage operation.

• Battery operated during emergencies or power outages.

• Eliminates safety sections on swing gates for community applications and the risk of gears and tracks on sliding gates.

All automated systems manufactured by AKIA System
are guaranteed by the manufacturer under the following terms :

AKIA Star 24 et Menor 24
AKIA Star Pro et Mayor Pro
AKIA Swing, Twin et Bi-Twin
Garanteed 5 years
Garanteed 3 years
Garanteed 5 years

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European standards for installation

and the use of gate automatisms

(Machine Directive 98/37 / EC EN 13241)



All automated systems are equipped with an electronic device for force limitation. Due to the geometry of thrust force application of these automated systems, the holding force of an obstacle is fully perceived. This results in overall efficiency of the safety stop.
For the minimum protection required against crushing risk, the standard establishes two types of installations : "Private area" and "public area" as well as two types of users : "general public users" and "authorised users"

We offer three types of use :

Type 1 : "authorised users in a private area" A limited number of people are trained and allowed to use the machine.

Type 2 : "authorised users in a public area" A limited number of people are trained and allowed to use the machine.

Type 3 : "general public users in a public area" operational control available to the general public.

The table below indicates the minimum protection device to use according to the "control mode", the "use area" and the "type of user".

picto pdfThe table below indicates the minimum protection device to use according to the "control mode", the "use area" and the "type of user".

The CE mark is a visible sign indicating that the product meets the essential requirements of the directives and has undergone the conformity assessment procedure. It is mandatory for commercial use since the 1st of May 2005.

The AKIA System company has received compliance certification authorizing it to affix the CE marking on all its produced automated systems. These automated systems where the first of their kind and already in compliance with current European safety and health standards since 1994.